Sunday, November 11 is not only Remembrance Sunday, but is also the centenary of the armistice which ended the fighting in the Great War, world war one. 

beaconsfield-1918-remembrance-sunday-11-november-2018Clare Bull from the Beaconsfield & District Historical Society wrote: There are 80 names of those killed in World War 1 listed on Beaconsfield War Memorial, the majority from Beaconsfield families, and all having a connection to the Town.  Those killed were fathers, brothers, husbands and sons and it is fitting that they are remembered this year as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of “The War to end all Wars”.  

As part of the Town’s Programme of Commemorative Events, Beaconsfield & District Historical Society has put together a display in the Library.  As well as listing the names of those killed, where they lived and where possible, their occupations before the war, there is information on Francis Grenfell V.C., who lived at Wilton Park and won the first Victoria Cross awarded in the conflict.  He was killed in Flanders in 1915 aged 35.  His twin brother, Riversdale, had already been killed the year before.  beaconsfield-1918-armistice-remembrance-sunday

In 1921 the war memorial was unveiled by Lord Grenfell and was dedicated by Edward Domett Shaw, the first Bishop of Buckingham who had, himself, lost three sons in the war.  In 1934 due to increased traffic and the construction of the roundabout, it was decided that the memorial should be moved and it was relocated to its present position on the green near to St Mary’s Church in 1936.  Today, few people notice that there is always a light at the top of the war memorial, one of the few in the country to have this feature.

The display will be at the library from 5th November until 15th November. 

Today commemorations will take place around the world but in Beaconsfield:

Armistice bell ringing in Beaconsfield

11 November, 2018

09:00 – 19:15

St Mary’s Church

For more details visit St Mary’s Church website. Click here. 

Frederick Forsyth resident near Seer Green, wrote a poem to honour the fallen soldier.. fallen-soldier-frederick-forsyth

Frederick with the help of Melissa Alder put these moving words to music. To hear the song, go to