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Spotlight on Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Have you heard of SAD? If not, you may have read about (or spoken to) people who say that they get a little depressed, or unhappy, when the long winter-nights start to draw in. It is quite a common complaint and often under-diagnosed. We probably all experience it to some extent, but for an unfortunate […]

Should I get the ‘flu jab?

I have been asked this question – or one like it – on many occasions, and the answer is usually “yes”. However it takes some investigation and personal advice to assess your personal risk. ‘Flu is currently topical in the news. The outbreak in Australia and New Zealand has led to many fatalities, with young […]

Buying or Selling a Property

In recent years, changes in legislation have resulted in an increase in the amount of information and paperwork which buyers and sellers are obliged to hand over to their solicitors, following their appointment. Moving home or investing in property is exciting, and with careful preparation, the client can assist their solicitor in making the property transaction […]