Should I get the ‘flu jab?

I have been asked this question – or one like it – on many occasions, and the answer is usually “yes”. However it takes some investigation and personal advice to assess your personal risk.

‘Flu is currently topical in the news. The outbreak in Australia and New Zealand has led to many fatalities, with young children also having been affected. The concern in the recent days has been whether this “horror ‘flu” strain will make its way to these shores. You may well remember the Swine ‘flu scare a few years ago. The NHS responded magnificently, and called in the at-risk groups for a second jab. Subsequently, ‘flu jabs over recent years have all been modified to include the various risky strains. So, whilst this year’s ‘flu jab cannot be absolutely guaranteed to protect us against the Antipodean strain, we can take comfort in the vast amount of research and clinical excellence that goes into producing our yearly injection.

‘Flu can be unpleasant, but if you are otherwise healthy it will usually clear up within a week. However, ‘flu can be more severe for:

• anyone aged 65 and over.

• pregnant women.

• children and adults with an underlying health condition (such as long-term heart or respiratory disease).

• children and adults with weakened immune systems. Anyone in these risk-groups are more likely to develop potentially serious complications, so it’s recommended that they have a ‘flu-vaccine every year, to protect them. The injected ‘flu vaccine is offered free on the NHS annually to:

• Over the age of 18 at risk of ‘flu (including everyone aged 65 and over).

• pregnant women.

• children aged six months to two years at risk of ‘flu.

There is also a nasal-spray available for younger children, and slightly older little ones in at- risk groups. All the information can be found on the NHS website, a great source of help before needing to visit your local surgery.

Now, the next most popular question: “Does the ‘flu jab give you the ‘flu?” Simple answer: “No, it cannot – it is a vaccine containing no live viruses. It might give you a headache, mild fever and muscle ache for a couple of days – but that is all. So, if you are in one of the at-risk groups I recommend that you attend your surgery for your jab. Private ‘flu jabs for those who do not fulfil the criteria are available for about £15.

To ask a question to Dr Nishel Patel please email him on doctor@gxlocal.co.uk


Moving House in Time for Christmas?

The lead-up to Christmas is always an exciting and busy time.  Many people going through the process of buying a new home during this festive season hope to complete in time to celebrate Christmas day in their new home?
I love this time of year, and the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of clients who are moving home.  Yes, we are their solicitors, but we are not immune to the infectious ‘buzz’ around Christmas time!
If you are moving home in time for Christmas, it is important for you to select and instruct a solicitor as soon as possible, whilst gathering all relevant documentation, including records of any work you have done to it (if you are selling), and making sure you can demonstrate where your funds are coming from (if you are buying).
Find out from the estate agent what the selling-chain is on your transaction, and understand that it can take time to complete searches, perhaps around missing planning permission documents, tree preservation orders or a lack of building regulation documentation.  Finally, remember that monies have to be in place with your solicitor for both exchange-of-contracts and for completion.
Finally, I will leave you with the true ‘festive’ story concerning something even your solicitor cannot control – the weather! On the day of a completion, during a heavy snowfall, the buyer’s removal van arrived at their new property, only to find that the seller’s removal van had got stuck, leaving. The sellers were stranded at what was no longer their house!  The buyers offered the sellers the top floor for the night while the buyers occupied the ground floor so all could be sorted in the morning. It was, after all, the season of goodwill. Ho! Ho! Ho!
Janine Heil, Partner,
Leigh Duncan Solicitors

Christmas Camps with Playball – South Bucks

Get organised, and book your children into a fun active camp with Playball South Bucks.

The camp takes place on 20th to 22nd of December from 10am – 3pm in Knotty Green Village Hall in Beaconsfield.

Fun activities for children aged between 3 – 10 years.

Email joanne@playballsouthbucks.co.uk or call 07736 405034




Buying or Selling a Property

In recent years, changes in legislation have resulted in an increase in the amount of information
and paperwork which buyers and sellers are obliged to hand over to their solicitors, following their
Moving home or investing in property is exciting, and with careful preparation, the client can assist
their solicitor in making the property transaction as slick and as stress-free as possible.
Any potential client, whether buyer or seller, might like to consider the following:
• Choose and instruct a solicitor as soon as possible.
• If you are selling, gather together all documentation relating to your home, including any work you
have done to it. Make sure it is in order with your solicitor before you have a definite buyer., so that
a contract package can be issued without delay.
• If you are buying, make sure you can demonstrate where your purchase funds are coming from
because your solicitor must comply with legislation concerning money laundering and mortgage
fraud and must maintain an ongoing process of due diligence ( do not take it personally, it is just an
unavoidable process).
• That ongoing duty of due diligence also requires you to prove your identity to your solicitor,
irrespective of whether you are buying or selling. Be prepared for some potentially probing enquiries!
Janine Heil, Partner,
Leigh Duncan Solicitors

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