Dining at the Jolly Cricketers in Seer Green

We were delighted to be invited to dine at the Jolly Cricketers in Seer Green near to Beaconsfield. Owned by husband and wife team, Amanda and Chris they were keen to give this a traditional pub serving great beers, ales and drinks but also making it a go-to food destination for locals and diners requiring high quality food from around the country.

To read more about our dining experience, click here for more information . 


Legal News from Janine Heil – Moving Home

Moving House – Understanding Extensions and Building Works

It is common these days for people to have carried out extensions and/or reconfiguration works to a property. It is important to have a proper survey done on any property you wish to buy as your surveyor can not only spot what has been added or changed but also advise on whether it is satisfactory or needs further investigation.
Your solicitor is checking the legalities for you, to make sure that all required permissions and documents are in place, but ultimately you want to know that it has been properly built and poses no structural risk which only a surveyor can confirm. The common confusion around paperwork is the difference between planning permission and building regulations.
Planning Permission (which includes Permitted Development) is only about the Local Authority in the area the property is located, allowing certain works to be carried out. Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are set by the UK government.
Work done to a property may or may not need planning permission, but it will almost certainly need building regulations approval after completion and a certificate from the building control department of the Local Authority or from an Approved Inspector.
The common confusion is that all is ok if there was planning permission or permitted development, but that is not always the case. There is only a complete and satisfactory picture if it goes hand-in-hand with building regulations approval or evidence that it was not required. Is your paperwork in order if you are looking to sell a home that has had work done to it?
Janine Heil, Partner, Leigh Duncan Solicitors
Janine qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and set up Leigh Duncan in 2016 with her husband Ingmar. She
has been acting in the sale and purchase of property for over 14 years, the last 9 of those have been based in Beaconsfield. If you have any questions, feel free to pop in and speak to Janine, Ingmar or any of the friendly team next time you are passing.

Lipreading Awareness Week – Sept 10 – 14th


During Lipreading Awareness Week free ‘taster’ sessions for classes in Lipreading
and Managing Hearing Loss will be held in various locations around the country.
When people lose their hearing it often means they gradually stop attending social
events as it can be so difficult to cope. This can result in isolation and depression.
While hearing aids have improved enormously in recent years, they are ‘aids’ to
hearing and don’t fix the problem in the way that glasses can for eyesight. It is still
difficult to hear in noisy environments. Attending a lipreading class offers the
chance to meet others in the same situation – the classes are relaxed and enjoyable
as well as informative.
Everyone already lipreads to a certain extent – think how we notice immediately if a
film is out of sync- your eyes are telling you something different from your ears.
As well as learning what sounds look alike on the lips the classes cover coping
strategies and discuss equipment that can help.
Judy Perry is a qualified lipreading tutor and has a hearing loss herself so
understands the challenges well. She will be running two free one-hour taster
sessions during Lipreading Awareness week this year, as follows:
Gerrards Cross
Tuesday 11 September at 3pm
in the Memorial Centre on East Common, and;
Friday 14 September at 11am
in the Community Room adjacent to the library in the High Street
For more information email – or just turn up!
For details of classes in other areas see:

Meet Anita Cranmer – our New Mayoress of Beaconsfield

Hello, I am honoured to be the new Mayor of Beaconsfield!

anita-cranmer-mayoress-beaconsfieldHaving just finished a weekend of four events know that it will be a busy and responsible role of representing the town.  I have lived in many places in England and also spent 20 years in the USA and know what makes a good town and Beaconsfield is a very good town. Having lived in the USA I appreciated the generous spirit there of giving back when you have had good experiences. I  saw the same spirit here so  when I got into local government, being elected 12 years ago to South Bucks District Council, I loved it! I believed  I could make a small difference. I served there on the Cabinet for 8 years and then moved to Town Council and County where I am Councillor and Mayor now.

In earlier life I taught at Wycombe High School for girls and briefly at Beaconsfield High too. My family life was very busy with 6 children and I did a lot of fundraising and volunteering at their schools. I also became involved in Charities and  worked on the St Johns Ambulance County defibrillator appeal. My life has been all about family and giving back in appreciation  for all I was lucky enough to have through our education systems and opportunities. I have a strong faith which was forged in the tough situation of losing a son to meningitis  at the age of 5 in USA and since then have  been involved in helping those in similar situations where I can.

Editor: We welcome Anita as Mayoress of Beaconsfield and wish her every success.


Save our Green Belt – 30th June 10am – 1pm

Beaconsfield Society is holding an informal Save Our Green Belt drop-in 10am – 1pm Saturday 30th June at Fitzwilliams Centre, Beaconsfield, as part of our campaign against release of a massive area of Beaconsfield Green Belt for 1700 homes, office/industrial space and travellers’ site. The area extends practically from jct. 2 of the M40 up to the railway line, well beyond the ex MOD Wilton Park site and abuts Beaconsfield Golf Course.

This development would increase the population of Beaconsfield by around 4,500 people which is unsustainable. The District Council’s own consultants say that the planned “relief road” would not bring any relief at all with travel times increasing by 600%, so a ten minute journey would take an hour! They are being forced to look at massive road engineering works to cope with the projected increase in traffic, such as: traffic lights at Potkiln Lane/A40; a filter lane from A40 west onto the A355; increasing Pyebush roundabout to add more lanes and approach lanes; and a 2 lane roundabout at Ledborough Lane/A355 making Ledborough Lane a congestion zone. The extent of the development is such that our neighbours in Seer Green and anyone travelling through or using the services of the town would be affected.

The town would quite simply be strangled by this increase. Add to that the fact that the land in question is the most expensive of all of the options, we see gross profiteering in prospect rather than benefit to the community.

Please sign the mandate and donate to a fighting fund at 

seer-green-save-the-green-belt seer-green-save-the-green-belt


Education Centre Official Opening at Bekonscot

On Wednesday 22nd March Beaconsfield Local were delighted to be invited to Bekonscot Model Village for the official opening of the Education Centre. All guests were invited to peruse the village and then we were ‘summoned’ by Dick Smith – Beaconsfield’s Town Crier to listen to the speech and cutting of the ribbon.

Cathy Sturrock, head of the centre gave a welcoming speech and lots of interesting background information regarding the centre. Chris Owen, town Mayor and 2 children cut the ribbon.

Watch the video below to see the actual opening.

Everyone was invited to look around the centre and enjoy some drinks and food. This is a great addition to the already wonderful model village that has been in new Beaconsfield since 1929.


Royal Saracens Head Party

We were delighted to be invited to the Royal Saracen’s Head party to celebrate their new make-over. Since our visit in October when we wrote a review, Richard – General Manager gave us a tour and told us of their renovation plans. We were more than pleasantly surprised at the change. It was wow wow wow! You will need to go in for yourselves to see the difference. I want to go back in when there are less bodies – as it was absolutely heaving.

I invited a few of Beaconsfield Local advertisers who have been very supportive and loyal to the magazine and met for the first Ann from Pediworx and Donna from Pillowtalkhome. Delighted to see Dr Nishel Patel – our local GP and cosmetic aesthetic specialist and Ingmar and Janine partners at Leigh Duncan Solicitors.

A really fun evening.