Lipreading Awareness Week – Sept 10 – 14th


During Lipreading Awareness Week free ‘taster’ sessions for classes in Lipreading
and Managing Hearing Loss will be held in various locations around the country.
When people lose their hearing it often means they gradually stop attending social
events as it can be so difficult to cope. This can result in isolation and depression.
While hearing aids have improved enormously in recent years, they are ‘aids’ to
hearing and don’t fix the problem in the way that glasses can for eyesight. It is still
difficult to hear in noisy environments. Attending a lipreading class offers the
chance to meet others in the same situation – the classes are relaxed and enjoyable
as well as informative.
Everyone already lipreads to a certain extent – think how we notice immediately if a
film is out of sync- your eyes are telling you something different from your ears.
As well as learning what sounds look alike on the lips the classes cover coping
strategies and discuss equipment that can help.
Judy Perry is a qualified lipreading tutor and has a hearing loss herself so
understands the challenges well. She will be running two free one-hour taster
sessions during Lipreading Awareness week this year, as follows:
Gerrards Cross
Tuesday 11 September at 3pm
in the Memorial Centre on East Common, and;
Friday 14 September at 11am
in the Community Room adjacent to the library in the High Street
For more information email – or just turn up!
For details of classes in other areas see: