Meet Anita Cranmer – our New Mayoress of Beaconsfield

Hello, I am honoured to be the new Mayor of Beaconsfield!

anita-cranmer-mayoress-beaconsfieldHaving just finished a weekend of four events know that it will be a busy and responsible role of representing the town.  I have lived in many places in England and also spent 20 years in the USA and know what makes a good town and Beaconsfield is a very good town. Having lived in the USA I appreciated the generous spirit there of giving back when you have had good experiences. I  saw the same spirit here so  when I got into local government, being elected 12 years ago to South Bucks District Council, I loved it! I believed  I could make a small difference. I served there on the Cabinet for 8 years and then moved to Town Council and County where I am Councillor and Mayor now.

In earlier life I taught at Wycombe High School for girls and briefly at Beaconsfield High too. My family life was very busy with 6 children and I did a lot of fundraising and volunteering at their schools. I also became involved in Charities and  worked on the St Johns Ambulance County defibrillator appeal. My life has been all about family and giving back in appreciation  for all I was lucky enough to have through our education systems and opportunities. I have a strong faith which was forged in the tough situation of losing a son to meningitis  at the age of 5 in USA and since then have  been involved in helping those in similar situations where I can.

Editor: We welcome Anita as Mayoress of Beaconsfield and wish her every success.